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"All you need to start Czech Nymphing". This kit consists of:
- 2 authentic Czech nymph leaders 8´6" 5X (260 cm 0.14 mm) and 8´6" 6X (260 cm 0.16 mm)
- 1 fluo orange indicator leader 1 ft (30 cm) long
- selection of 18 succesful grayling and trout nymphs: 6 heavy tungsten bead nymphs (sizes 10-12-14), 6 medium weighted Czech nymphs (sizes 10-12), 6 brass bead nymphs (sizes 12-14)

Suggested fishing setup: floating fly line - braided loop - indicator leader - Authentic Czech Nymph leader of 2 droppers - point fly (tungsted bead nymph) - mid dropper (czech nymph) - upper dropper (brass bead nymph)

the Czech Nymph Fishing Kit contents

the complete kit

kit flies: left: tungsten bead nymphs - Reg Tag and Pheasant Tail in sizes 10-12-14 per 2 flies
middle: 6 different Czech nymphs in sizes 10-12
right: 6 different brass bead nymphs in sizes 12-14

Czech nymphing using indicator leader

A nice grayling on Czech Nymph (Photo of Pavel Dolak)

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