Code: db_tri

The special dubbing brush for fast tying Czech nymphs, sedge larvaes, beaded nymphs on hooks sized 8-14.

Dubbing brush TriColor consists of 3 sections:
- body
- bright hotspot
- dark end with hair guard - it creates nymph thorax

Dubbing brushes are packeted in bags of 10 pcs.

Color variations: body / hot spot/ thorax


Detailed picture

Dubbing brush TriColor sales bags

Sample fly - TriColor Beaded Pupa

Tying tips:
- put a bead on the hook
- create shaped thorax using lead wire, copper wire, etc.
- cut dubbing brush TriColour in a half
- tie the dubbing brush into the hook shank
- wind the body, hotspot, thorax
- finish the fly
- 1 dubbing brush TriColor makes 2 flies
- for smaller hook use shorter body and thorax sections

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