Code: dub_iced

A blend of very fine synthetic and very fine pearlescent mylar creates a dubbing unlike any others that I have used.
For all you fly tyers out there looking for a dubbing that will help you create unique and realistic patterns you need to give this dubbing a try.


This material is very easy to work with whether you use a dubbing loop or you spin the material directly on the thread. The sparkle and shine that this dubbing gives off in the water mimics the iridescence of many insects that other materials cannot reproduce. Another nice feature of this dubbing is the ease in which you can blend the material together. You can take different colors and simply mix them together to create any color pattern you need. With a choice of twenty-eight colors, the possibilities are endless. Try this Ice Dubbing and put some new life into your old patterns. Try to use for Czech Nymph body.

Color chart:

01 UV Black

02 UV Brown

03 Caddis Green

04 Chartreuse

05 Cinnamon

06 Golden Brown

07 UV Gray

08 UV Light Olive

09 UV Light Yellow

10 Olive

11 Olive Brown

12 Orange

13 Peacock Bronze

14 Peacock Black

15 UV Salmon Pink

16 Purple

17 UV Red

18 UV Pink

19 Holographic Silver

20 UV Tan

21 UV White

22 UV Fluo Yellow

23 Yellow

24 Lime Green

25 Fluo Orange

26 Bloody Red

27 Golden Green

28 Fluo Pink

Sales bag:

Sample fly:

A Czech nymph featuring a litte UV White Ice dubbing in its thorax

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