Code: dub_pea

This is great substitution of natural peacock herl. Easy to tie buggy looking and durable "peacock" fly bodies.

Available in 10 colors: 01 Peacock Green, 02 Peacock Bronze, 03 Peacock Eye, 04 Peacock Black, 05 Peacock Red, 06 Peacock Blue,
NEW 07 Peacock UV Green, 08 Peacock UV Black, 09 Peacock UV Bronze, 10 Peacock Reddish.
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Tying tips:
  • bodies of "Red Tag" flies
  • thorax of Pheasant Tail nymphs
  • legs of mayfly micronymphs
  • for tying big dry flies use with foam underbody

"Low water RED TAG" by yours truly. A good pattern for seatrout fishing in the spring. Flytier: Bas Verschoor,

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