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High floating close cell foam sheet. Very durable.

Tying tips
  • backs of beetle fly patterns
  • backs of floating streamers
  • bodies of dry sedges and hoppers
  • sights of indicator dry flies
  • nymph and pupa wing cases

Tying Larry´s Beetle

Material list:
  • Hook: Any standard dry fly hook
  • Size: 10,12,14,16
  • Shellback: Black closed cell foam
  • Underbody: CDC softdub (Siman Ltd)
  • Legs: Mini Black rubber (Spirit River, optional)
  • Sight: Yellow closed cell foam
Additional pattern informations: The rubber legs are optional, but they also give some movement and life to the fly. Step6 is optional. You can add or omit the rubber legs and/or yellow foam.

Step 1: Cut a strip of foam (the width equal to two-thirds the gap of the hook) and tie it on top of the hook shank. Taper the end to help with the tie in on the shank. Wrap it to just beyond the bend of the hook.

Step 2: Tie in the CDC softdub.

Step 3: Wrap the softdub forward three-quarters of the hook shank.

Step 4: Pull the foam over the softdub and tie down. Wrap the softdub to just behind the eye and again follow with the foam. Trim and whip finish. Remove the tying thread.

Step 5: A view from under the fly. The CDC Softdub has built in legs (and floatation).

Step 6 (Optional): Re-attatch the thread in the space between the head and back. Add legs to both sides of the fly and a strip of yellow foam on top. The widh of the foam should be slightly smaller than the back.

Text and photos: Lawrence Clemens

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