Code: jt38612

    The set contents:
  • materials catcher
  • profile background plate
  • Gallow´s parachute tool
  • bobbin holder

Materials catcher keeps your tying area neat by simply brushing waste and trimmings into basket.

No more struggling to wind parachute hackle around the base of a wing — the Gallows Parachute Tool makes it easy. The tool clamps to the vise stem—you either form a loop with a piece of monofilament or hackle stem and hold it upright with the tool—or hook a pair of hackle pliers onto the tool and clamp the pliers onto a hair or feather wing. Now you can wind a parachute hackle around the base without worrying about the hackle slipping off the wing.

The “Profile Background Plate” allows great ease in seeing as we tye. It’s a composite flat-white “GLARE-REDUCING” plate. Can be adjusted for height and fits one to six inches behind the fly. Better vision appears to magnify the fly as we tye, reducing eye strain. It also “blocks-out” the busy background on the tying bench. You will not tye without it.

The Bobbin Holder is is fully adjustable, and swings out of the way when not needed.

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