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The best tool we’ve ever seen for safely removing a hook. Simply slides down the tippet and pushes the hook up and out. Perfect for barbless hooks.

Sizes: Midge - for #18 hooks and smaller, Standard - for hooks as small as #18 and flies as large as medium-bodied streamers, Big Bug - large streamers and big beaded flies.


The Ketchum Release Tool offers two significant benefits: it saves fish and it saves flies. The Ketchum Release effectively removes a fly hook without air exposure or fish handling. The elimination of these risk factors increases the survival rate of released fish. As fly anglers the most significant contribution we can make to our world is the survivability of our own fisheries. In addition, the Ketchum Release will not damage flies like traditional clamping devices can. By saving flies, the tool can pay for itself in just a few fishing sessions. US Patent #5,644,865

Ketchum Release detail, large detail

Ketchum Release in action

Ketchum Release - nice present for every flyfisher

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