Code: msf_st

Soft, flexible body material with one side opaque and the other one glossy. The best material for shrimp backs, thorax cases, translucent fly bodies. Can be cut into thinner strips and wound onto the bodies of nymphs, buzzers, spinners etc. Magic Shrimp will make you the winners! You can not tie CZech Champion Nymphs without Magic Shrimp! Strips of width 4-5 mm. 1 bag gives 100 -120 flies.

Color chart:

01 Clear

02 Yellow

03 Pink

04 Orange

05 Red

06 Cream

07 Cinnamon

08 Light Brown

09 Brown

10 Dark Brown

11 Light Olive

12 Olive

13 Dark Olive

14 Green Olive

15 Golden Olive

16 Light Grey

17 Grey

18 Dark Grey

19 Black

20 Light Blue

21 Dark Blue

22 Light Green

23 Fluo Yellow

24 Fluo Pink

25 Pearl Green

26 Purple

27 Light Red

Sample Fly:

Czech Nymph tied with Magic Shrimp Foil Pearl Strip
Sales Bag:

Fish on the Czech Nymph

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