Code: sem_nano_ultr

The finest and strongest tying silk yet. Just 30 denier or 18/0 this thread is ideal for tying the smallest of flies, from sizes 18 to 32! It is Ultra Fine and Ultra Strong and available in 15 different colours.

For the smallest flies you can split Nano Silk Ultra to form dubbing loops and still avoid build up but still tie with little thread of fly breakage. This line is an absolute Cobweb killer!
So 50 dernier Semperfli Nano silk has really stormed the fly tying world, many tyers using this amazing, ultra strong thread. Now however with the advences in manufacturing we have been able to take it one stage further and finer.
Nano Silk 18/0 or 30 denier!, ideal for ultra small flies sizes 18 to 32. With stunning ability to split it can be used for dubbing twisting for ultra fine flies with no build up!

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