Code: tf_cmt

Camouflage thread is a specially developed body thread that imitates real flies. The yarn has a flat structure of fine fiber mixture. The main feature of this high-end thread is its two-tone color.

The Camouflage thread creates the uniquely structured fly body.

How to use the camouflage thread

  • small duns for trout and grayling - body: camouflage thread, wings: 2-4 natural grey CDC feathers
  • cdc hackle dries - tail: short cdc feather, body: camouflage thread, legs: cdc feather in dubbing loop
  • perdigone nymphs - tungsten bead, tail: coq de leon, body camouflage thread covered with UV epoxy
  • small nymphs - tungsten bead, tail: cdc fibers, body camouflage thread, legs - peacock dubbing + cdc feather

Camouflage Thread

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