Code: wh_ccs

Super heavy leaded caddis hooks, shaped like a little bottle, covered with durable sand coat, packed in nice small plastic box.
For the deapest and fastest streams, deep river holes.
These hooks helped the Slovakian Fly Fishing Team to win 2004 World Fly Fishing Championship!


Tying the Caddis Case Bomber

The Caddis Case Bomber

  • Tie thorax using fluorescent floss.
  • Add a partridge collar.
  • Finish the head knot.

Fishing Tips
  • This super heavy fly tied as point fly helps to transport dropper nymphs to the bottom.
  • Cast up stream short distance using "under tip swing cast", drive your flies following the stream, point fly jumping on the bottom.
  • Try flies tandem of this super heavy fly and a streamer with longer spinning rod, fishing behind rocks in the river bed.
  • Be careful on your rod tip.
  • Use a fly rod covered unconditional lifetime warranty.

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