Welcome to our shop ! You will find quality Czech fly-fishing products made or assembled in our country by "Golden Czech Hands" of Czech fly-fishermen and selection of imported cool stuff. Our range includes innovative fly tying materials, special fly tying tools, weighted hooks, Czech competition flies, Czech landing nets and many other interesting toys for big boys. Do you want to catch more fish? You need the quality. If you are looking for discount fly shop, we are sorry, we offer only the best products for the fair price.!!! Important: allow pop-ups for this side. If the pop-ups are blocked, you are unable to pay on-line by credit card !!!
How it works?
Select products in our shop, put them into the shopping basket pushing the button "Buy", then open the basket on top-right, fill your data and send. You do not need any special software or internet knowledges for shopping. Only watch and follow help instructions on each page, so you know what to do anytime.
How is the shop organized?
Top menu:
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Prices including VAT 20%. Prices are subject to change without notice.
How to find detailed product information?
Some products are provided with detailed description and large image. Simply click on more info or on the small picture associated with the product. You should read articles displayed on the initial page. Some products links to reviews in another fly-fishing web pages. Many products do not have the pictures yet, but we are working on them. The colors of the products should not correspond to original colors.
Can I change the shopping basket?
You can check the shopping basket and modify it anytime. If you like to cancel the order, do that before final order confirmation.
How is working the payment processing?
Upon receipt your order, we will send you the order confirmation and payment instructions. Our payment terms are in advance prior shipping. We accept VISA or EuroCard/Mastercard credit cards, PayPal and bank wire transfers. Anyway, we will inform you about the payment processing upon receipt your order. As soon as we will receive payment from you, we ship your order.
How do you process credit card payments?
Our shop features safe on-line payment via 3D Secure System. There is the possibility for additional payment through our on-line PayGate (top menu - Pay Options).
We accept off-line credit card payments (MO/TO transactions) too. The bank asks us for the card details: card number, expiration date, card holder name and the card control code. We will inform you how to send this information safely.
What shipping method do you use?
We ship orders via airmail post, PPL or General Parcel.
What is the shipping cost?
The charge for shipping and handling of 5 EUR will be added to each order of value less 50 EUR. Free shipping for orders over 50 EUR. We charge actual shipping costs for Agama Neoprene Waders, JT Vises, JT Landing nets, Aluminum landing nets. Wholesale orders are charged for net prices of used shipping service.
What is the delivery time?
Delivery elsewhere is usually in 7-10 days. For Maxia rods and Agama Neoprene Waders approx. 2 weeks. Flies are produced only per orders of our customers, production time is 3-8 weeks.

100 % satisfaction?
Our goal is to have only full-satisfied customers. If you foud the product does not fit you, send it to us and we will refund you the product price.

We wish you fun shopping and Tight Lines! Updated 19.5.2015