Heavy but shapely: five tungsten beads are Superglued in the order as stated.

The tungsten under-body is encased in tying thread and tapered at both ends.

Dubbed tungsten under-body.

Material list

Thread:Orange 6/0
Hook:Any strong grub hook, sizes 4 to 6.
Weight:Five tungsten beads (one 2.8 mm, then three 3.8 mm, then one 2.8 mm).
Abdomen:Rust-dyed dubbing.
Thorax:Black dubbing.
Shell-back:Black magic shrimp foil.
Rib:8lb clear monofilament.


  • Superglue the five tungsten beads onto the hook in the order specified (invert the hook to make this easier and neater).
  • Encase the beads in a cocoon of thread. Use wider flat thread for this step. Ensure that the head and tail are nicely tapered.
  • Whip off and tie back on the shell-back.
  • Catch in the rib and the shell-back.
  • Dub (thinly) the abdomen fur and thorax fur (a whip finish is a good idea at this point).
  • Bring over the shell-back and rib in wide turns. Whip finish and varnish.
Source: John Tyzack (FFFT 04/2003, pp. 8-10)
Tungsten Bead Department Entry