MAXIA RODS (made in the past by Modern Flies (Italy, until 2010) are made by CDL FLY S.L, (Spain) now.

We present our new rods series MX, TC/HL, SS and ULTRA-NYMPH that are a new revolution in the high performance rods market.

Base done the background of knowledge and techniques Developer for decades by the italian master Aldo Silva, we hare refined process and Developer news techniques for achieve news levels of technological development never achieves so far.

By techniques AML (Advanced Multilayer) and using multimodulus fibers, we achieve in our MAXIA MX rods an concentric structure highly compressed that give an exceptional power and sensitivity. The specials features of this techniques, make it adequate for the made of Light weight rods. Hand polished one by one using joinery techniques, the finish of this rods search to reach the maximum performance. The fine barniz layer and the titanium alloy guides, get to keep the reactivity of the rod by not adding weight in critical points. Thanks to this and to our special balancing technique, we achieve rods whit a sensation of lightness difficult to mach. Can not be explained. You have to prove.

MAXIA MX Standard models

LenghtLinePiecesRecomended Use
10’24 Master rod in ultra-light nymph
7’6”33Small rivers whith riverside vegetation
10’4”34Light nymph and big trout
11’34Extra length for nymph control
43The most suitable for dry fly
9’6”43The more versatile. For nymph or dry fly
10’43The best-seller for medium nymph
12’4-55Extra control of drift

Following the latest trends we are designed our ULTRA-NYMPH serie specially indicated for european nimph stile. The fishing by light nymph require equipment long and very well equilibrated. The ULTRA-NYMPH series benefits of years of experience in high level competition and decades of technological development. We are sure that this series will be an standard to imitate in European market.

MAXIA ULTRA NYMPH Standard models

LenghtLinePiecesRecomended Use
9’6”33Versatile. Light nymph or dry fly
9’6”43Versatile. Medium nymph or dry fly
10’3-43Best-seller for nymph
11’3-43Medium nymph. Extra length
10’6”63Heavy nymph. Also usable in lakes

Starting in the base of MX models, we apply the DOUBLE-HELIX technology in our MAXIA TC/2HL series. This gives to this rods a bigger rigidity. If we need to define whit only a word this rods, it will be POWER. This series is the more adequate for work big fishes, both freshwater as saltwater. The special guides DLC used are virtually indestructible. This coating gives anticorrosion protection, but also have a very low friction coefficient that allows the line slide easily. This features makes the TC/HL series the ideal rod for long casts.

MAXIA TC/2HL Standard models

LenghtLinePiecesRecomended Use
5T4 Special cast competition
53Dry fly. Long cast
10’53Heavy nymph
10’8”54Heavy nymph. Extra length
12’ (2HL)642 hands grip. Lakes special. Excellent for roll cast
10’6”74Lakes special
12’ (2HL)74Double-handed grip. Best for lakes. Excellent for roll cast

MAXIA SS rods series is composed by 2 hands traditional rods builds by modern technology. Light and powerful, are specially designed for salmon fishing in different styles.

MAXIA SS Standard models

13’ 8-94
18’ 11-126

MAXIAฎ is the registered mark of
Camino de Genarํn 89 – Finca Torreblanca
33391 – Gij๓n – Asturias