The Hends company introduced new light travelling, the five-sectioned XP 9003 rod, which is very interesting for all fly fishers who love light nymphing and delicate dry fly fishing. In 1 rod you will get 2 rods:
- 9 ft (274 cm), AFTMA 2-3 (in this size rod is perfect for delicate dry fly fishing or shorter distance nymphing)
- 10,0 ft (305 cm), AFTMA 2-3 (for fishing with long leaders and micronymphs in large rivers)

The rod is basically four piece with additional fifth section used as the extender. The 4-piece XP 9003 rod is 9 ft long, the additional 16 inches extender between the third and fourth section makes 10ft rod. The extension section is without guides, so the adding or removing the extender is very easy, directly in the river, without threading fly line into the extender, then the rod lenght can be exchanged very easily.

The rod is beautifully finished, the guides are single-leg gun smoked. Hends XP 9003 rod is designed for French leaders and fly line AFTMA 2-3. The weight of the rod is only only 87 grams including the extender. The rod sections are marked to indicate their correct position.

You will appreciate rod characteristics – in the shorter 9th version it is slightly faster, pleasant for nymphing and wet fly fishing, but also delicate for fishing dry flies. With the extender, the 10 ft rod is softer at the tip and supports fishing small barbless hooks. To carry the extender is simple, just in the fly vest or backpak. In summary, the XP 9003 with extender is perfect fly rod for all types of light fly fishing, for changing river profile, bank vegetation, changing for nymphing and dry fly. Just have 1 reel with 2 spools (fly line, french leader) and head to the water with just one rod! This rod is great for competition fly fishers, it saves time to run for another rod – simply add or remove the extender.

Hends provides a two-year warranty - against any defects in material or construction. If the rod is broken through improper use or after the warranty period has expired, it can be repaired for a service fee of 39 EUR plus postage. All claims must be done through the rod seller.