These small heavy fast sinking nymphs were developed by Spanish competition fishermen about six years ago. They are great anchor nymphs for Czech or French nymphing. Perdigones are independent version of marmyshkas, the Russian small lures used for Ice fishing and very light vertical spinning. Perdigones are magic for trout and grayling.
You can imitate bottom insect or make crazy patterns free to your imagination. Both approachs work well.
All materials are avaiable at Tying Perdigone Nymphs.

Skalka Jig hook or Otava Nymph hook, sizes 12-14-16-18, for very small pedrigones dry fly hook Maruto D04. Attach tungsten slotted beead 2-3.5 mm, use different colors and sizes for every size of the hook and same fly

Apply a drop a superglue on the hook shank, to make the fly the most durable

For additional weight use flat lead wire

Attach the body material, the effect threads like Semperfly Micro Glint (this is rainbow colour), work well

Fix the tip material - this is Czech UV Reflective Thread Hot Orange

Wind the body material to the hook bend...

...and back to the bead, create nicely tapered body

Cut the tip material

Finish with the head knot

This is the raw Perdigone

Apply the UV glue on the fly body, we use Deer Creek UV Resin Fine or Flex. The UV glue create smooth surface for fast sinking and jerking on the button and pops the body material color.

Put just the right amount of the UV resin

Rotate the fly to create perfect smooth coating, Jan Tvrdek Harmonic Vise works well

Rotate the fly and hard the UV resin coating with UV Light

Finished Perdigone. The tungsten bead and smooth body surface create fast sinking rate. They jump on the buttom and attract the fish, you will be surprised how effective they are!

Perdigone 1

Perdigone 2

Perdigone 3

Perdigone 4

Perdigone 5

Perdigone 6

Perdigone 7

Perdigone hooks - Skalka Jig

Perdigone beads - Tungsten slotted

Perdigone tip materials - Czech UV Reflective Threads

Perdigone body materials - Semperfly Micro Glint - Rainbow

Perdigone body materials - Semperfly Micro Glint - more colors

Perdigone materials - Deer Creek UV Resin Fine or Flex

Perdigone Tool - Deer Creek UV Pro Torch

All materials are avaiable at Tying Perdigone Nymphs.