The original Siman´s Dubbing Brushes and Softdubs are ideal for tying excellent flies quickly and easily.
Our top quality products are one of the most successful fly-tying materials to come along in years. Dubbing Brushes and Softdubs will give your nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, streamers, sea trout and salmon flies professional appearance and high durability.
Dubbing Brushes and Softdubs are among the necessities of every fly-fishing shop and every fly-tier's tackle box, gradually becoming as common for tiers as a cape or tying thread.
What is the difference between Dubbing Brush and Softdub? The dubbing twisted together with a soft copper wire is called Dubbing Brush, while Softdub is a fine dubbing bristle on a thin tying thread. Softdubs can be manufactured in a very low diameter which makes them suitable even for a very tiny fly.

Numerous color combinations of the dubbing and wire/thread provide you with a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Our dubbing twists are highly recommendable both for beginners and professional tiers. They open new horizons in classical patterns tied in new ways and enable the tier to experiment with the length of the dubbing fibers and various combinations of materials in a spectrum of color shades.