Tying Perdigone Nymphs

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These small heavy fast sinking nymphs were developed by Spanish competition fishermen about six years ago. They are great anchor nymphs for Czech or French nymphing. Perdigones are independent version of marmyshkas, the Russian small lures used for Ice fishing and very light vertical spinning. Read more...

Tack free as our original recipe but a lot thinner and flexible.
Great for quill bodies, fly heads.
Buzzers come to life after a coat of diamond fine too.

The True Rotary version of JT Spring Jaw Vise.
  • 360 degree horizontal axis rotation, 2 quality ball bearings for smooth movement
  • 360 degree vertical axis rotation
  • 180 degree jaw head joint up and down movement
  • adjustable free spin or fixed position capability
  • adjustable hook tension knob
  • heavy pedestal model (2.5 kg/10 lbs)
  • quick and easy to use
  • designed and made in the Czech Republic using the finest materials
  • fly hook sizes 6/0-24
  • probably the best sophistical true rotary vise
  • vise for life
Note: The shipping costs will be added.

  • This new vise features an original, patented design for gripping fly hooks. The small, stainless steel needle head holds all hook sizes securely.
  • The vise stem and rotary head is made of stainless steel and aerospace-quality aluminum.
  • The rotary head features a 2 ball-bearing design that ensures smooth rotation and drag control.
  • The heavy (2.5 kg) pedestal stand is included.
  • The vise is made exclusively in the Czech Republic.
Note: The shipping costs will be added.

Down eye, regular shank, fine wire, black nickel finish
Dry fly, light wet fly barbless hook, very sharp.
Sizes 10 - 20. Made in Japan. Tiemco 103BL identical hook.

Barbless hooks for nymphs, wet flies and caddis.
Wire: medium
Eye: down, ringed
Shank: straight
Bend: perfect
Point: needle long
Color: black nickel

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