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Japanese high carbon steel wire. Black nickel finish, with chemicaly etched pionts. Amazing value for the price. For pike and saltwater streamers.

Rotary vice manufactured for tying tube flies with 360° hook rotation.
Tube is held in placeby being clasped by an eyelet.
To assure its hold, is a spring with a reverse wind.

Vice can hold different types of tubes.

- The vice is manufactured from polished stainless steel and aluminum
- Rotary arm contains ball bearings
- The eyelet holds various sized tubes
Note: Pedestal NOT included.

The rod can be fished as a traditional 9’ 4 piece 3 weight, add a 1’ section to make it a 10’, a 27 inch section to make it an 11’ 3" rod, or add both conversion sections for a length of 12’ 6 inches. So from traditional 3 weight lines to the tight line nymphing techniques including French, Czech and Polish styles, you’ll make the “leader only” tuck casts with accuracy and ease at any rod length.

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