Code: db_bfbg

The Gloss Big Fly Brush is made out of a blend of fine llama dubbing, natural fibers and synthetic sparkling antron, mixed with fine angelhair fibers, twisted with light stainless steel wire to make easy wrapping.
The diameter is 7,5-10 cm (3-4 inches), lenght 30 cm (1 feet), they are available in 42 colors.
For streamer tails, bodies and front hackles.


Color chart - click on the color name for larger picture

01 Fluo White

02 White

03 Light Grey

04 Grey

05 Dark Grey

06 Black

07 Yellow

08 Fluo Yellow

09 Chartreuse

10 Highlander

11 Golden Yellow

12 Golden Olive

13 Light Olive

14 Olive

15 Dark Olive

16 Green

17 Dark Green

18 Tan

19 Light Brown

20 Brown

21 Dark Brown

22 Brown Caddis

23 Cinnamon

24 Ginger

25 Fluo Orange

26 Orange

27 Hot Orange

28 Yellow Orange

29 Light Blue

30 Blue

31 Dark Blue

32 Light Purple

33 Purple

34 Fluo Pink

35 Pink

36 Hot Pink

37 Fluo Red

38 Bright Red

39 Red

40 Dark Red

41 Bright Fluo Red

42 Claret

Sample flies:
Larry´s Bunker
tail: krystal streamer hair white, silver flashabou strips, body: big fly brush gloss white, front hackle: big fly brush gloss white, back: krystal streamer hair light grey

Rapala Orange
body: gold tinsel, thorax: big fly brush sparkle streamer orange, front hackle: big fly brush gloss orange, back: krystal streamer hair hot orange
more Rapala Orange

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