Code: db_spstr

The Sparkle Streamer Fly Brush consists of sparkling synthetic fibers and angelhair fibres, twisted with light stainless steel wire to make easy wrapping. Its diameter is 2,5 -4 cm (1+ inch) and length 30 cm (1 feet).
Makes nice big streamer bodies. Also for smaller streamer tails, bodies and front hackles. Great for stilwater blob flies.


Color chart:

02 White

04 Holographic
Silver Grey

06 Black

07 Yellow

08 Fluo Yellow

09 Chartreuse

10 Highlander

11 Holographic
Golden Yellow

12 Golden Olive

14 Olive

20 Brown

26 Orange

27 Hot Orange

28 Yellow Orange

35 Pink

37 Fluo Red

39 Red

Big Fly Brush Sparkle Streamer
Big Fly Brush Sparkle Streamer
detail - warning: large image

Stillwater Blob or Salmon Egg
Stillwater blob
body: big fly brush sparkle streamer orange

Tube fly featuring changeable tips
Tube Fly featuring changeable tips
tips: big fly brush sparkle streamer

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