Materials, Catgut Biothread

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This is one of the best fly tying material used in tying nymphs Catgut Biothread. This fantastic fly tying material has an opacity aspect when is dry and when gets wet become milky translucent. When is dry the material is stiff and a little bit difficult to work with so we recommend to be used wet.

For that, you should keepthe material for 3-5min in warm water only the part that you want to use. The color will change from the opaque to milky transparent.

If is used different threads in different colors the nymph will have shades in the under body color.
It is a magic material and is absolutely fabulous for making bodies for nymphs and emergers.

Length aprox 50cm/ bag. Size L is for the hook #8 and #10, Size M is for hooks #12 and #14, Size S is for hooks #14 and #16.
Diametres: L= 0.7 mm, M=0.5mm, S=0.3 mm.
Special treated for a long durability in water.

Size and colour

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