Dubbing Brush, Specials

Special dubbing brush offer: dubbing brush organizer, mixed boxes. Nice presents for every fly tier.

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The special synthetic material of triangle-shaped cross-section of fibres with high refractive index of light, twisted in copper wire loop. Dubbing brushes are packeted in nice plastic box of 24 pcs (mixed colours).

24 dubbing brushes in popular colors, packeted in clear plastic box.
Brushes made using very popular Hareline (USA) Hares Ear Plus dubbing.
Great for tying trout nymphs in natural colors.

The special blend of hare, rabbit fur, and antron, twisted in copper wire loop.
For fly size 8-14. The lenght of one brush is 14 cm ( 5 1/2 ").
The brush box contains 24 brushes in 12 colors.One box gives 70-100 flies, depending on the fly size.

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