Tippets, Stroft ABR

STROFT® is manufactured by the German company Waku, a world leader in nylon fishing-line technology.

STROFT® is a monofilament nylon that has been formulated and treated during production to produce a high-strength, controlled-stretch, material. A typical example is the 0.20 mm (.008", 3X) STROFT® with a strength of 4.20 kg (9.2 lbs). This is 30% stronger than some other popular high-strength nylons. STROFT® also provides superior knot strength.

STROFT® ABR, the company's latest product, has increased abrasion resistance while maintaining the high strength characteristics. This remarkable result is achieved by tempering the monofilament under a high pressure. The pressure compresses the surface layer, producing a monofilament resistant to UV rays, scratches and coiling. Furthermore, the process improves wet tensile stress by reducing water adsorption. Clearly, STROFT® ABR is the monofilament line for anglers concerned about losing fish to weakened nylon as a result of rubbing against rough surfaces like rocks or piers.

The color of STROFT® ABR is light brown.

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