What are Siman customers saying...

A customer from the United Kingdom
Hello Jan,
Well the wait for the flies was definitely worth it! I fished a qualifier on the River Dee on Sunday and the grayling special red micro nymph's I bought from you did very well.
I would love to tie more of them, can you please let me know which materials I need to buy from you to tie them. (I would like to buy all the materials required for it from you if possible please) The purple/red thorax mix which seem to have some uv in it looks fantastic.
Was planning on going to the BFFI show on the weekend to see you but managed to get into another qualifier on the weekend, I was on the reserve list.
Looking forward to hear from you so I can place the order. Thank you in advance, Gilliaum Vermeulen, February 2015

A customer from the USA
Jan, I was delighted to receive your email and the links to your gorgeous pictures. Please feel free to list me as a reference on your web site. Best regards Chris Barry, Seattle, WA. USA. December, 2014

A customer from the United Kingdom
Hi Jan, thanks for the photos, for your assistance in arranging our visit to the Czech Republic and for the time we spent fishing together on Tuesday. We both had a great time and have added the Pension Jana to our list of good places to stay. Best regards Bill Beddows, Manchester, UK, October, 2014

A customer from the United Kingdom
Hi Jan and Terry, just a quick email to thank you both again for a very enjoyable 3 days fishing. It was interesting, and I learned a lot in the three days, and I am sure I will catch more fish in the future !! Thanks again, and I hope to fish with you both again in the future. Colin Jones from the UK, 1st Sep 2013

A customer from the United Kingdom
Hi Jan, Thanks for the link to the photos - they look brilliant. I've also found the goflyfish site, which is great, and makes it really easy to share the photos with friends and family. I really enjoyed the trip and your excellent tuition. I just need to put it all into practice on our river. Looking forward to a return to the Czech Republic in the near future. All the best, Ian Swettenham, UK, September 2013

A customer from Slovakia
Tak tu je vysledok prvej rybacky na Hornade: Stav vody: po dvoch tyzdnoch znizili prietok z 200 na 159cm (120 je normal), stave bola vysoka voda, navyse mutna s viditelnostou tak na 30-40cm. Zostava: Francuz, mokra mucha(co sme viazali, taka strasne chlpata, sice myslienka bola drzat to hore, no na mokro fungovala v tejto vode lepsie) a mikronymfa. Lov vo vode so stredne rychlim prudom s hlbkou do 50 cm s pridrziavanim. Vysledok: za 2 hodiny 28 pstruhov (26 potocakov) od 15 do 35 cm (v priemere lovna miera 23cm) plus par ostriezov a jalcov. Vsetky ryby putovali spat ;-) Dakujem! Pavol. Pavol Kocsis from Slovakia, attending Jan Siman's Exclusive Fly Fishing course, June 2013

A customer from Austria
Hello Jan, thank you very much for the pictures and the professional guiding at the Otava River. I enjoyed the days and your tuition very much. Fishing in Austria was similar, a lot of little fish and I saw plenty of big trout in the river, but difficult to catch as I could not spend enough time trying out different techniques. We are home now enjoying a beautiful war autum, getting the garden ready for winter and organising the Ski School for the upcoming season. Hope you are well and thank’s again. Regards Paul Romagna, www.schneesport-golm.at, October 2009

A customer from Iceland
Hi Honza. Again about the experience and learning from your masterclass in May. I did not tell you that fishing this summer was extremely enjoyable. I realized that the training at the masterclass increased the feeling for the water and the fish and gave my fishing experience an extra depth. However I can only point out two fishes that I caugt, which I would definately not have mastered before the training at Vltava. My biggest catch this summer was this 4kg salmon caught in the river Sog in South Iceland, using microhitch tube. Baldur Sigurdsson, Iceland. September 2009. Read Baldur´s article at his club newsletter

Dear Honza, The masterclass last spring was marvellous. This I realize now when I am writing an article about the masterclass for the newsletter/magazine of my little fishing club. Everything becomes so live in memory when recalling these two days at Rybarská basta and the river Vltava. I speak very warmly for your masterclass, highly recommended, real adventure, so I hope you will get some more Icelanders coming soon. I will come again , if I have the possibility to stay in Cech republic for some time. Baldur Sigurdsson, Iceland. September 2009

Customers from Germany
Hello Jan, we would like say thank you very much for the excellent guiding. We think we did spent a very good time togehter last week. We were on the stone river on Tuesday and there was also a good fishery with dry flies and nymphs. Wednesday we visited the upper Otava section but we were there only 2 hours. So we can not say if there a lot big fishes in the river because the biggest trout we chated was nearly 30 cm. This river will be a new challenge for us. Best Regards Rainer Leutsch, Jochen Schmidt, Volker Kallfaß. June 2009

A customer from the USA
I received shipment of the JT Rotary Vices. These vices look to be well crafted and friendly for the tier. I am a Mechanical Engineer of 20+ years and own over 30 vices from around the world. I am certain these two will be a couple of my favorites as the Rotary is silky smooth and the hook holding power is amazing. Thanks again and Take Care. John Roper, Jasper, GA, USA. June 2009

Fly Fisherman from the USA
In mid-November I had the opportunity to be in the Czech Republic and took advantage of the chance to fish the Vltava River in the mountains of South Bohemia, Czech Republic near Lenora. Before the trip I googled: “Fly Fishing Czech Republic”... Read the article
Norm Crisp, www.streamsideadventures.com , November 2008

A customer from tne Netherlands
Hi Jan,I just returned from Lapland trip. The waters we fished are very big and fast in some places and I found the techniques you taught me absolutely invaluable. I caught 25 grayling, some of them in the 700 gram range, on one occasion. The Maxia is also a very nice rod indeed as you described. I hope to get an intermediate #2 line so that I can use it in the reservoir fishing too, but a line from Orvis I have seen is twice the price here than the same line in the U.S.!
However because we were backpacking and camping we spent most of our time dealing with the logistics of that. At the beginning the weather conditions were truly dreadful. Very stormy and very cold. I wondered what I was doing there at first! However when the weather turned in our favour I think this easily rivals any fishing trip I have taken in the past. So ‘thanks’ are in order to you for teaching me these wonderful techniques. I hope to learn more in the future. All the best, Hans Staartjes, www.hansstaartjes.com, July 2008

A customer from Ireland
Jan, Received the Package of Hooks and dubbing the Other day.. Thanks for getting it off to me... I am enjoying those Skalka Hooks as much as I enjoy the Knapek Hooks...
I spent 4 days on the Kern River, which is 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 hours drive north of me. The River was cold, so the Trout were lethargic.. The Standard nymphs weren't producing as well as they normally do, So i tied on a Hot Pink Czech Nymph, as a Dropper and worked the runs with the Shortline-High Sticking Method... Those Kern Trout came unglued to nail the Hot Pink Czech nymph.. it was the Number one producer for the 4 days on the River...I've included a Picture of the Hot Pink Czech nymph for you... Thanks again for getting those Materials to me, I'll certainly order again from you...
Dean Enders, December 2007

A customer from Iceland
Dear Jan, just to let you know. I got the flyboxes I ordered from you 2 days ago! This must be close to a record time. Thanks for exceptional service.
Einar V. Tryggvason, November 2007

A customer from USA - Texas
I just wanted to tell you I have really enjoyed your website, your products and your knowledge since I found them and learned about Czech Nymphs. You haven't known it, but you and fishing these nymphs are helping me have a lot of fun.
Ray Emerson, D.V.M., www.emersonanimalhospital.com

A customer from Netherlands about Czech Nymph Masterclass in October 2007
Hi Jan, Thanks once again for a very educational weekend. Although I clearly missed a lot of takes there is no doubt that what you had taught was for me a huge revelation. Ad and Harry clearly enjoyed it and there’s discussion of doing a follow up Masterclass in the spring of next year. We would once again like it if it could be an exclusive weekend with the three of us. I’ve got to figure out a way of not getting cold toes next time!
Hans Staartjes, www.hansstaartjes.com

A customer from United Kingdom about Czech Nymph Masterclass in June 2007
I just wanted to write and thank you formally for the excellent masterclass. I like to think that I already had a good knowledge of czech nymphing, but I left with a much greater appreciation of a wide range of methods and many new ideas. I also enjoyed your company and now feel I have a friend in the Czech Republic. As a bonus I also caught a few nice fish. The river itself was a lovely piece of water in some very beautiful countryside. The accomodation and food were also excellent. I'm very interested in returning for the Grayling fishing this autumn.
Robert Brown, rgb@jangala.co.uk

A customer from Bosnia
Dear Jan, I would like to inform you that I have received ordered items this morning and everything is there. I'm really impressed with quality of finishing the flies. Nymphs are unique and remarkable with precise details and I must say that you are a true artist. Thanks once again, "Bistro" and tight lines!
Faruk Selvic. July 2007

A customer from Ireland
I am always trying materials that will add some "sparkle" to a "presentation"...so that there is some visibility to it. Sometimes I find sources for these "attractions" in some kind of weird places. For, example, my wife uses clear fingernail polish with pearlescent glitter added to it...and when I saw that...a gleam came to my eye...that I could use this "stuff" for flies. The other day she brought in a "clear" fingernail polish that had pearlescent glitter added to it. I was lucky by brain clued in on that...because it can be used to coat plastic strips and wing cases for nymphs. I am sure those "shrimp foil" ideas came about the same way...and so they prospered into some prosperate and consumer gains in providing "sparkle" to the what would be just "crap" to the stream !
I am all for it ! More "sparkle" has a greater potential for attracting fish ! Even trout ! So, I am glad someone has created at simpler way of accomplish the same thing with "shrimp foil". It saves a few steps in trying to accomplish the same thing.
Stephen Dunagan

A customer from United Kingdom
... been fishing on the welsh dee and catching quite a few large grayling using three micro nymphs and your czech nymph leader set up the most successful fly seems to be a 16 knapec with pheasant tail/ tail and body with split thread red peacock thorax dubb 2 wraps and thinned out they seem to pick this one out every time 10ft Admira rod i had off you is very good...
Nick Whatton

A customer from Brussels, Belgium
I would just like to formally thank you for the trip. It was just what I needed and I really enjoyed myself despite the fact that the fishing was not too successful. I know of nowhere in the world where air temperatures of over 40 deg centigrade and the weather varying between bright sunlight and thunderstorms is conducive to good trout fishing so it was clearly the weather that was to blame for my failure to catch very much or anything of any size. It is in fact a tribute to your skills and knowledge that I managed to catch anything at all. Despite this the scenery and the rivers were beautiful, I was very impressed by the quality of the accommodation and restaurants that we used. I also very much enjoyed your company. By the end of the trip I felt that I had a new friend and it was a pleasure to learn Czech nymphing from a real expert. The flies you tied are already in the collection box with others spread between my various "fishing" flyboxes.
Jim Catterson, Director of Organisation, jim.catterson@icem.org, http://www.icem.org

A customer from Wrexham, Great Britain
Dear Jan,
thanks for my materials really imppressed with the quality . Enjoyed the dvd on fly tying hooks are superb im sure they will inprove my catch rate. What rod were you using on the dvd? Which winston rod would be good for czech nymphing? What kgs stroft line would you recommend for czech nymphing? Over her in britain we use pounds and i dont know how to convert. Thanks for the free fly i will be copying that pattern for my local river its on the dee in Llangollen were you won the world championship any tips on how to fish it? I have only been fly fishing for twelve months and i love it but still lots to learn. I will be definatley buying more material and bits of you. I am going to buy one of the dubbing maker block becauseIi always struggle to make dubbing and im sure this will help me. Once again Jan thanks very much hope you can find time to answer my questions sorry to go on a bit .
Regards Steven MacGregor

A customer from Poleymieux au Mont d'Or, France
The last order of flies arrived today, thank you, merci, am pleased to report that my Czech nymph box is now exclusively Siman. The quality versus ... is simply non comparable, you deserve to dominate the market. Thanks also for the gifts of tying material, sadly I have precious little time outside of work to fish let alone tie flies but it will go to a good home and no doubt another new customer for you.
Gavin Marchant

A customer from Mäkilä, Finland
Hi Jan,
I received my order yesterday. Great stuff, thanks. I was pleased to notice that everything I ordered was there. It was an order containing many different small items. Normally when I have ordered this amount of little items from a web store, something is missing. So you are warmly welcomed exception in this rule.

A customer from Dietzenbach, Germany
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
my order arrived today in perfect condition - top quality material !!!!.Thank you a lot for your free samples of artifical peacock dubbing- great stuff. Thank you and your Team for this perfect Service.
Best regards and Tight Lines !!
Dirk Gärtner

A customer from Reno, USA-Nevada
Dear Mr Siman,
I just found your website and was most impressed with the information it contains. I have been buying and using lots of your Magic Shrimp Foil and other products through my friend Steve Korbay at www.flytyingspecialties.com. I was first introduced to the Czech methods a couple of years ago and have since incorporated them into my own fishing with incredible success.
I have worked in the fly fishing industry here in the U.S. for over twenty years and I do a lot of writing for several magazines. I did an article on the Czech method in California Fly Fisher and was amazed at the response. I have converted many anglers in Nevada and California to the Czech method and your materials. It is truly the most effective fishing method that I have ever used.
The main reason for this e-mail was just to pass along many thanks from those of us in the U.S. for your wonderful materials and the knowledge that you have shared with us. If you ever make it to Reno, Nevada I would be happy to take you fishing on the waters where we use the Czech method. Again many thanks for your fine materials and for sharing your knowledge with anglers around the world.
With My Best Regards,
Andy Burk

A customer from Tipperary Town, Ireland
I just had to write to say I LOVE the flat lead I bought from you. It has solved a lot of the problems I used to have when weighting bodies. Many thanks and warm regards,
Alice Conba