Fly Tying Tools

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Very light clear plastic dispenser of 10 compartments. You can fill it with 20 different dubbings (2 dubbings to 1 compartment).
Dimensions: 10x8x0.8 cm. Great for travelling.

    The set contents:
  • materials catcher
  • profile background plate
  • Gallow“s parachute tool
  • bobbin holder

  • This new vise features an original, patented design for gripping fly hooks. The small, stainless steel needle head holds all hook sizes securely.
  • The vise stem and rotary head is made of stainless steel and aerospace-quality aluminum.
  • The rotary head features a 2 ball-bearing design that ensures smooth rotation and drag control.
  • The heavy (2.5 kg) pedestal stand is included.
  • The vise is made exclusively in the Czech Republic.
Note: The shipping costs will be added.

Rotary vice manufactured for tying tube flies with 360° hook rotation.
Tube is held in placeby being clasped by an eyelet.
To assure its hold, is a spring with a reverse wind.

Vice can hold different types of tubes.

- The vice is manufactured from polished stainless steel and aluminum
- Rotary arm contains ball bearings
- The eyelet holds various sized tubes
Note: Pedestal NOT included.

The best tool we’ve ever seen for safely removing a hook. Simply slides down the tippet and pushes the hook up and out. Perfect for barbless hooks.

Sizes: Midge - for #18 hooks and smaller, Standard - for hooks as small as #18 and flies as large as medium-bodied streamers, Big Bug - large streamers and big beaded flies.


High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for the construction of fly fishing. Stainless steel shaft with two precision ball bearings.
Adjustable rotary tension. Locking knob 0°-180°. Small and lightweight. Equipped with 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws, bobbin and parachute rest, centering gauge, spring material clip, Allen key and instruction manual.
C clamp suitable for any table top up to 50 mm thick.

Shipping costs will be added.

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