Fly Tying Tools

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Very light clear plastic dispenser of 10 compartments. You can fill it with 20 different dubbings (2 dubbings to 1 compartment).
Dimensions: 10x8x0.8 cm. Great for travelling.

The True Rotary version of JT Spring Jaw Vise.
  • 360 degree horizontal axis rotation, 2 quality ball bearings for smooth movement
  • 360 degree vertical axis rotation
  • 180 degree jaw head joint up and down movement
  • adjustable free spin or fixed position capability
  • adjustable hook tension knob
  • only clamp version available
  • quick and easy to use
  • designed and made in the Czech Republic using the finest materials
  • fly hook sizes 6/0-24
  • probably the best sophistical true rotary vise
  • vise for life
Note: The shipping costs of 25 Eur by DHL Express worlwide included in the product price.

High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for the construction of fly fishing. Stainless steel shaft with two precision ball bearings.
Adjustable rotary tension. Locking knob 0°-180°. Small and lightweight. Equipped with 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws, bobbin and parachute rest, centering gauge, spring material clip, Allen key and instruction manual.
C clamp suitable for any table top up to 50 mm thick.

Shipping costs will be added.

This second generation dubbing twister literally gives your flies a new twist

Improved Turbo Dubbing Twister featuring Soft Jointed Loop. For spinning feathers, soft furs and dubbings. This is the idea of our friend Mr Hanafi Saleh from Netherlands.

This tool had been replaced with NEW improved Turbo Spinning Block

The ultimate tool for making dubbing brushes, softdubs, CDC hackles and microcables. Very hot product! If you are into dubbing loops you will definitely want to have a closer look at this tool.
The kit includes the spinning block, 2 spools of dubbing brush copper wire, 2 bags of dubbing and instructions for making dubbing brushes.

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