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Improved Turbo Dubbing Twister featuring Soft Jointed Loop. For spinning feathers, soft furs and dubbings. This is the idea of our friend Mr Hanafi Saleh from Netherlands.

This tool had been replaced with NEW improved Turbo Spinning Block

The ultimate tool for making dubbing brushes, softdubs, CDC hackles and microcables. Very hot product! If you are into dubbing loops you will definitely want to have a closer look at this tool.
The kit includes the spinning block, 2 spools of dubbing brush copper wire, 2 bags of dubbing and instructions for making dubbing brushes.

Siman dubbing brush and softdub maker, which replaces the original Turbo Spinning Block - produced and distributed worldwide since 1998.
The tool is mounted in your vise pedestal or clamp, the rail diameter is 10 mm.
Made in the Czech Republic.

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