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Jan Siman Fly Fishing Course
I would like to offer you a fly-fishing course lead by me personally, in which I will share my fly fishing knowledges and years of experience with you. More info...
Otava Hooks
The Otava Competition Hooks are barbless fly hooks for dry flies, perdigon nymphs, wet flies, nymphs. The are very strong, sharp, reliable and for a good price.
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Cortland Lines - Suggested Selection Trout and Grayling. Continue reading
TFO Drift Rod Start new fly fishing season with new TFO DRIFT FLY ROD - the most innovative and versatile fly rod ever designed- for light dry fly and European nymph. Get 4 rods in one and cover all river trout and grayling challenges. Free shipping worldwide.Read more about TFO Drift Fly Rod
Camouflage Thread
The Camouflage Thread is specially developed body thread that imitates real flies. The yarn has a flat structure of fine fiber mixture. The main feature of this high-end thread is its two-tone color. Continue reading
Clear Nymph Leader
Knotless tapered long French/ Euro Nymphing leader for light nymphing. The leader consists of 12,75 metres knotless clear slow sinking section and short hi-visible drop indicator. This leader works perfect with long 2-3-4 wt rod of medium action when fishing with light nymphs up stream, across and down stream or fishing Czech nymph style. We added new colors - fluo orange, fluo yellow and olive.
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Neon Wax Indicator
Planafly Bicolor Indicator. Very useful for Euro/French/Czech nymphing and for every fly fishing situation where is important the leader visibility.
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