Fishing Czech/ Euro Nymph, Misc

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Eleven Czech and ten Slovak fly fishers and tiers provide information about their favourite patterns, tying techniques and their use in practice to the wider fly fishing comunity. This is a multilanguage book. All information is presented in Czech and Slovak with the English translation. This book contains more then 350 successful patterns (dry flies, wet flies, midges, nymphs, streamers) verified in practice.
This book is not available.

"All you need to start Czech Nymphing". This kit consists of:
- 2 authentic Czech nymph leaders 8´6" 5X (260 cm 0.14 mm) and 8´6" 6X (260 cm 0.16 mm)
- 1 fluo orange indicator leader 1 ft (30 cm) long
- selection of 18 succesful grayling and trout nymphs: 6 heavy tungsten bead nymphs (sizes 10-12-14), 6 medium weighted Czech nymphs (sizes 10-12), 6 brass bead nymphs (sizes 12-14)

The best tool we’ve ever seen for safely removing a hook. Simply slides down the tippet and pushes the hook up and out. Perfect for barbless hooks.

Sizes: Midge - for #18 hooks and smaller, Standard - for hooks as small as #18 and flies as large as medium-bodied streamers, Big Bug - large streamers and big beaded flies.


Our leader Micro Rings are made out of the titanium stainless steel. The smallest size of diameter 1.6 mm, breaking strength 12 kg (25 lbs). Color gun smoke.
Usage: quickly tippet changing without getting shorter of tapered leader butt section, safe replacement kevlar and wire leaders, great for making droppers.
Shape and size

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