December 2015
Fly rod MAXIA MX 11' (336 cm) line 4 - 4 piece
Czech handmade wooden fly boxes
STONFO fly tying tools - elite bobbins, vises and more

November 2015
UV Reflective Fly Tying Thread
Floating Fly Tying Thread
Buko Fly Tying Thread
Jan Siman Fly Fishing Masterclass
Catgut Biothread

August 2015
Using Siman Net Back Foil - Tying Rowley Stone

July 2015
Cortland Fly Lines - Jan Siman Selection for Trout and Grayling
Precision | 444 Classic | Fair Play

March 2015
CamouLeon Tapered Leaders

February 2015
Czech Nymph Masterclass 2015

January 2015
Otava Fly Hooks

December 2014
CamouLeon Tapered Leaders

October 2014
GPX fly rod series from Hends

September 2014
Stroft Tapered Leaders

September 2013 MF Head Laquer
MF Body Finish

July 2013
Hyperfine Thread

April 2013
Furled bicolor nymphing indicators

March 2013
Dubbing Brush Flies - Sedge Larvaes

January 2013 - website about fly fishing in the Czech Republic
New Turbo Spinning Block - the dubbing brush maker

December 2012
Complete CzechNymph Tying Kit

October 2012
Tungsten Rainbow Beads

September 2012
Coloured Dubbing Brush Wires

August 2012
Fly collection Secret Flies based on the famous Czech book Secret Flies of the Czreczh and Slovak Fly Tiers
The book Secret Flies |  Ants |  Beetles |  Buzzers |  Czech Nymphs |  Duns |  Emergers |  Nymphs |  Palmers |  Sedge Pupas |  Sedges |  Streamers |  Wets |  Worms

July 2012
Article Eikre Fluvius Fly Rods
Eikre Fluvius Trout Rods

June 2012
Tapered French nymph leaders
Furled Czech Nymph Leaders
Article by Jonathan Barnes: Bohemian Rhapsody. Fly Fishing with a Czech Master, Jan Siman in the Czech Republic

May 2012
Marc Petitjean Products

April 2012
Deer Creek U.V.Products
Ultra Selected CDC

March 2012
New colors of the Pearl Quill Body - Light Brown, 18 Brown, Black, Light Orange
Ultra Selected CDC

February 2012
Peacock Eye Quills
Bicolor Spiral Indicators Fluo Yellow/ Fluo Orange LARGE
Tungsten Dumbbells
More colors of Tungsten Bead Metallic
Tungsten Bead Painted
Tungsten bodies in pink, green and bronze color

January 2012
Siman Fly Rods for European Style Nymphing, custom made, limited luxurous edition

December 2011
Dates of the Czech and French Nymph Masterclass 2012
Polish Natural CDC Feathers
Polish Dyed CDC Feathers

November 2011
Danielsson Fly Reels Campaign - 30% discount - Original  F3W  L5W  H5D

October 2011
Siman Fly Rods for European Style Nymphing

September 2011
JT Spring Rotary Hackle Plier
Fly Box Waterproof for 240 flies

July 2011
Pearl Quill Body
Set of 120 Czech Flies for Trout and Grayling
Our partner Hotel Annin provides great fly fishing service
Tungsten Beads Metallic Finish Beads

May 2011
Jan Tvrdek Products - the complete programm:
- Rotary Vises
- Landing Nets
- Dubbing Twisters
- Zingers
- Other

April 2011
Fly lines Mucilin floating and intermediate.
Floatants & Weights. Muclin Fly Dressing, Silicon Mucilin, Quick Sink Mucilin

March 2011
Rite Bobbin Mag Half Hitch

February 2011
Maxia Rods - new fly rod series
Maxia Rods - warranty

January 2011
Stripped Peacock Eye Quills
7 Drops Indicators and 15 Drops Indicators
Camou Nymph Leader with Drop Indicator
Clear Nymph Leader with Drop Indicator
Dubbing Dispenser Empty Case

October 2010
Siman Atawa Large Arbor Fly Reels
Stroft GTM

May 2010
Tungsten Jig Nymphs
Fly Lines Tight Line Superior
Hends Rod Two in One 4wt
Fly Gallery Tungsten Jig Nymphs (76 flies)

April 2010
Tungsten Thorax Nymphs
Tungsten Drops Fly Gallery Tungsten Thorax Nymphs (40 flies)

March 2010
Hends Rod Two in One 3wt

February 2010
DVD Mayfly Madness

January 2010
7 Dubbing Dispensers
7 colors of Czech Nymph Body Dubbing
4 colors of Peacock Dubbing
Peacock Dubbing Fine in 10 colours
UV Hare´s Ear Plus Dubbing in 10 colours
Bicolor Spiral Indicators Fluo Yellow/ Fluo Orange with loops
Bicolor Spiral Indicators Fluo Yellow/ Fluo Orange with long tails
Tricolor Spiral Indicators Black/ Fluo Yellow/ Fluo Orange with loops

Bicolor Spiral Indicators Fluo Yellow/ Fluo Orange with microrings
Bicolor Strike Indicator 350 cm
Tungsten Thorax
Book Secret Flies of the Czech and Slovak Fly-Tiers
Spiral Indicators with loops Fluo Orange and Fluo Yellow, 2 pcs
Stroft 100% Fluorocarbon
Champion Nymph Box of 18 Flies
Flat Lead Strips Janus Nymph Leader 800 cm with Spiral Indicator